Friday, 12 August 2011

common man in nigeria

the nigerian style this is the caption of one of the aljzeeras network now on air the programmes talks about the.nigerian and africans girl the way the suffered after travelling to such of greener posture before deceiving these girls and lured them into the sex slavery most of these young girls where promised .to be given abetter job in white mans country but as soon as the reach to their final destinations the story change.from their trafickers and their madams who work with the criminals gangs called juju priest to take an oath of loyalty and paying their madams from the proceed made from the ugly bussiness. sometimes these girls fall at the hands of the criminals gangs and drug.dealers and trafffickers.back home their parents are happy thats their children are living in a bettter and a standard the white mans country.the story change when these girls sometimes comes back home with the aids or another deadly disease why did our girls?s do travelled to this far.distance places to make aliving? they answer is simple because we,ve nothing to offer to our millions young graduate moving from ministry to another in such of job our hospitals are just. amere consulting clinics our security system is one of the worst in term of the bribe collection and offering this is the country thats .have tafa balogun as inspector general of police just at a recent police officers where arrested in ikorudu a suburb in lagos after robbing a bank.our roads are almost adeath trap awaiting its victims to consume last week also armed robbers rape robbed thier victims and later forced them to lay down on the highway where another vehicle crushed fourteen of them to death.our security agencies need total overhauling same with almost every sector of our basic thats the country foreign reserved increased and our life ingridients the petroleum prices increase in value in globals market.our heighest authority in the land should the use budget surplus and the excess crude revive our security.and create more jobs to our youth.finally politicians should stop thinking they are first class citizen of the land.we vote them to represent us not to oppressed us

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