Tuesday, 9 August 2011

neglected life saving agencies and common man in nigeria

by 2.37 pm on the 9.8.2011 a major accident happened in my presence in lagos many people were disfigured when the two saloon cars and a motor bike popularly called.okaada here in lagos collide with a crane than the crane caught fire with the help of the.locals including my self we extinguished the fire the lifeless body of the okada man was left.lying on the bridge another victim thats got burn was in pain seeking assistance because of the burns on his body and face police and lastma official were around including some military personel.but where is the fire service?and where is the lasembus lagso ambulances they are no where to be found awelder was called to.cut the door of the crane truck so thats he can save the life of the already burned co.driver the whole place was full of pains and agony.womens are screaming and children are crying same with the passers bye.our authority should improve the standard of our life saving agencies especially the fire services the police and the civil defence.if this incidence happen in the highway what will happened? only GOD knows.these agencies need special attentions.to look more like advance countries.the government should equipped these agencies with ultra modernastic fire fighting equipment same goes with our police thats approach armed robbers with.submachine guns. while the police suffer more casualties from robbes gangster and terrorist modern armour vehicles and anti mine and bomb shielded tanks should be provided to them.for more information about the accidents follow me @twitter barkindo and watch the video

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